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Jasmina Metwaly & Philip Rizk, Out on the Street - Variations, 2015, Exhibition view Galerie Sfeir-Semler Hamburg
Sfeir-Semler Gallery Hamburg, 2015

Jasmina Metwaly
  Since 2010 regular co-operation with Philip Rizk
  Co-founder of 8784 h, project und / and Mosireen Media Collective

Philip Rizk
  Born 1982 in Limassol, Cyprus

Lives and works in Cairo

Since 2009 Film-maker

Since 2011 Member of Mosireen Media Collective

2008 - 2010 Freelance journalist for Daily News Egypt, AlJazeera. net, Swiss TV, Al-Masry Al-Youm

Group exhibitions and film screenings
2015 Out on The Street - Variations, Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
German Pavilion, Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy
2014 From Behind of the Monument, Screening: Berlinale Internationale Filmfestspiele, Forum Expanded, Berlin;
Arena at Centre of Contemporary Art, Torun;
Checkpoint Helsinki
2013 From Behind of the Monument, Vorführungen / Screening: Artissima 20 Art Fair RESO, Turin;
Biennale Jogja XI, Yogyakarta;
Unexpected Encounters, Beirut, Cairo;
Video Vortex #9, re:assemblies of video, Cairo Case, Lüneburg
Remarks on Medan, „Degree Art“, Ausst. in Kooperation mit / exh. in collaboration with Open Gallery, London
„Praise of Doubt“, exh., National Gallery of Arts, Tirana
2012 About the Donkey that wanted to become a painting, Video Installation, Cairo Documenta Exhibition
Remarks on a Square, Screening: Ai Wei Wei Gallery, International Film Festival Rotterdam; Virtual Museum
CASZuidas, Amsterdam; Crunch Art
Music Festival Hay-On-Wye / Wales
Exh. and Screening at Mindpirates ,Project Room, Berlin
„La sphère qui l’entour“, exh., El-Mahatta Gallery, Ramallah
„RGB“, Projekt of Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
2011 „How the Light gets in“, Hay-On-Wye Philosophy Festival, Hay-On-Wye / Wales
Cairo Intifada (directed with Philip Rizk): Special screening at: Berlinale Internationale
2010 Remarks on color (Yellow version), Video Installation, Cairo Documenta
„To Be White For You“, group exh., Studio BWA, Wroclaw
Open Gallery, London
„Paradise Paradise“, group exh., Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
Projekt mit / project with XR gallery, Lubon
2009 But what do the splinters reflect, Video installation, Concourse Gallery, Byam Shaw, London

Awards and Competitions

  Shortlisted for XX . Onufri Prize „Praise of Doubt“, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana
2011 Downfall, Winner of „Streaming the revolution“, Cairo International Film Festival
2010 Edge Feather, 9th Geppert Contest „Painting. No Frames“, organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroc?aw und / and BWA Wroc?aw – Contemporary Art Galleries
Winner of „The Open Prize“, Open Gallery, London

Filmography and screenings

  Out In the Streets (directed with Jasmina Metwaly), Post-production, Screenings: „Atelier“, Cannes Film Festival, 2013;
Dubai Film Festival „Market“, 2012
Remarking January 25 (directed with Jasmina Metwaly), 2012, Screening: Tricontinental Film Festival, 2012
Cairo intifada (directed with Jasmina Metwaly), 2011, Special screening at Berlinale Internationale Filmfestspiele, Berlin, 2011

Deutscher Pavillon La Biennale di Venezia 2015, Selection of Mosireen Collective short films,
Screenings: in der Ausst. in the exh. Cairo. Open City, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, 2013
Museum Folkwang, Essen, 2013
7. Berlin Biennale, 2013; Carthage
International Film Festival, 2012; Museum für Photographie Braunschweig, 2012
Sturm (Director), 2011, creenings: in the exh. Cairo. Open City, Museum Folkwang, Essen, 2013;
Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2012
Cairo International Documentary Festival, 2011 This Palestinian Life (Director),
2009 Screenings: London International Documentary Festival
Ismailia International Film Festival
Boston Palestinian Festival
Arab International Festival

Text Publications

  2011 is not 1968: An open letter to an onlooker, in: Uncommon Grounds: New Media and Critical Practices in North Africa and the Middle East, Hg./ed. Anthony Downey,
London/New York: IB Tauris, 2014; Images of Transition – Perspectives on Visuality in Egypt 2011–2013, Hg./ed. Mikala Hyldig Dal
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